Project Status Update System

Real-time status monitoring dashboard is in the form of real-time monitoring system. It provides updated status of the project in an easy to understand manner. This module has multiple components like Drill down functionality to go deep into the details, graphical representation with the help of charts or graphs, and accessibility to users at all levels of authorization. Functionalities of dashboard include:

Drill into Details

❯  Get deeper information as desired by drilling-down
❯  Gain instant knowledge at different depths of data
❯  View data from different points of view
❯  Trace new trends with detailed reports

Graphical Representation

❯  Grasp the theme easily for quick understanding
❯  View information at a glance for quick decision making
❯  Provide clear idea through logical sequence representation
❯  Highly usable and smooth data-driven navigation

Sub-system Wise Information

❯  Customized real-time information at each decision level
❯  Customizable as per users and management requirements
❯  Detailed information about the different levels of the system
❯  Easy to understand representation of the data

User Level Information

❯  Detailed information about different stakeholders involved
❯  Increased transparency with information access to all users
❯  Performance management of different users
❯  Effective communication among different users